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Hair became a passion of mine at a pretty young age, I remembered being around 5 years old and practicing braiding my Barbie's hair while my mom would braid my hair.

Being a hairstylist is all I have ever wanted for myself, so I knew it was important to learn everything there is to know about not only doing hair but also knowing the importance of hair care especially with different textures of hair. I think knowing and understanding hair care is one of the most important things when it comes to taking care of my clients needs and wants. 

I Love this industry because I can have fun with it, being artistic and creative is a big part of doing this 

job and it’s exciting seeing our hard work come to 

life.  I LOVE doing updo's, blowdry & styles, braids, natural hairstyles, and haircuts. I'm more than excited to learn more and more and develop new passions for services. 

 One of the best things about this industry is being able to make a noticeable difference in someone's day. There is no better feeling than knowing you helped someone feel and look their absolute best. I love the confidence that radiates from a new hair cut or color and I thrive off of that energy. I love helping people, and this industry allows me to do that and watch someone go from having a bad day to a great one.

When I am not in the salon you can find me studying, I attend community college, I hope one day to own my own salon. When I do have down time I am either reading or binge watching Netflix.