Always having found a passion in helping people, growing up I was convinced I would be a nurse.  I was excited to find out that my high school offered a vocational CNA program. After one week in this program, it was fair to say that kind of work was not for me.  From there I was on a mission to find my passion and landed myself a position as an assistant at Late Night Hair. I knew immediately that this was something I was genuinely going to enjoy long term.  Thanks to this experience, I enrolled in Pivot Point Academy as soon as I graduated from high school.  I really understood that giving a client confidence by helping them find a style and color they loved was my calling.


Being on the same page as my guests is extremely important, knowing whether a style is practical for everyday up keep, or for the guests lifestyle will guarantee success and satisfaction with every appointment.  I believe I have a strong eye for what is flattering and suitable for each individual face shape and skin tone which allows my clients to maximize on their beauty.

With trends constantly changing I am always looking for new resources to keep up.  Pinterest and other social media outlets are a phenomenal place to start.  When mixing these resources with education, there is no limit to what can be achieved.  Today's technology allows us to network with stylists and learn from each other on a whole new level. I love creating new dimensional colors for my clients whether its balayage or going darker.  

On the weekends you can find me hanging with friends downtown or at a concert.  I love going to Country Thunder with friends and creating memories while enjoying my favorite music.  Exercise is another thing I enjoy doing.  It helps me feel good and stay focused, and although I can't resist a good steak dinner, but you'll find me in the gym working it off for sure.  On a quiet evening I enjoy a good scary movie with some popcorn.