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My adventure began when I was 18 and immigrated here from Poland.  I started college in the states and found that I struggled, partly because I was still learning English.  For several years I worked odd jobs and decided that it was time to start a career.  This is where I found myself looking into an education in cosmetology.  When I was a child, I would watch my grandma perm her own hair and color it with henna. I loved the idea that simply changing your hair could transform your entire look.

To have the ability to help someone feel confident and beautiful is such an amazing feeling.  Today’s industry provides unlimited options and styles allowing a huge range of what I can help a client achieve. From vivids, soft pastels, metallics, natural looking balayage, or even just grey coverage.  I make it my priority to listen to my clients’ expectations each visit. One thing I find many stylists forget, is to review with the guest to make sure they understand the maintenance and regular upkeep that style or color will entail. This ensures that the client will get the best style/color for them and their lifestyle. 

 My stylist strengths include long hair formal styling, men's cuts and sculpting curly hair. I am also a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist.  Education is very inspiring to me and I am a sponge when it comes to learning about new techniques and products, in and outside of the salon.  Following some of the most influential stylists and companies on social media helps me find new sources of inspiration every day.  I find it to be very important to share my knowledge with my clients, allowing them to understand why certain techniques would be better for the result they are looking for.  For example, why and how I am using a certain styling aid, this way my guests are able to achieve the same look when they are at home.

An interesting fact about me is that I went to the soccer world cup for my honeymoon.  My husband Derek and I have two children, my son Anthony is almost 3 and my daughter Maya is 9.  Maya is rising hockey star and you can often find our family at the ice rink. When we’re not at the rink you can find us spending time outdoors, we love visiting national parks and camping.  When I can find down time in our busy schedule I love to kick back and watch crime TV shows or practice photography and cooking.

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