How to book online

First click the Book Now button in the bottom right hand corner.

In the top right corner there is a person icon, this will bring you to the page where you can login or sign up.

In the top left corner there is a house icon, this will bring you back to the main menu for booking.

If you know which staff member you would like to schedule with click the Staff Button.  Then select the services you wish to receive, starting with any color services.  Then please select a finishing service, such as blow-dry, cut, bang trim. It will prompt that you need to choose a finishing style and then it will show cutting options. If you would like to choose a different option then please click the house icon to go back to the categories and then add a service from there.

If you are a new client, please select a consultation first, then select the services you wish to recieve. This way we ensure we have enough time to give you a thorough consultation.

If a service is listed as add on, this means that you are receiving another service and are adding this on to your appointment.  For instance, Age Renew Treatment is $40 alone but if you are receiving another service you can choose the add on version for $20.  Or if you are scheduling a blow-dry and style and have long hair or would like it curled or flat ironed, book the blow-dry and the add on service.  

If you would like to add another person to the appointment to receive services, there is an option that says add person.  Select that and then the total people needing services.

If you have scheduled previously, there will be an option to schedule the same as your last appointment.

If you have never been to Late Night Hair or you have no staff preference, then you may start with the categories.  Please select any color services and then add a finishing service, such as blow-dry, cut, or bang trim. 

There is an option to add a note to your appointment, we encourage you to use this option.  Especially if you are unsure if you scheduled the correct service.  This way we can immediately address any questions you have.

If you are trying to schedule your previous services and it seems like there is no availability, please check our services list in the booking system and start from scratch. Sometimes we change our services and this creates and error that there is no availability for that service, when we only discontinued or altered that service in the system in some way.

Our booking system is based in Ireland. So please note that you may receive an international charge for your booking deposit.  Even though we except all payments, the online system will not allow Amex or Discover Card payments.  If you're encountering an issue, this may be the cause.